Well, Here we go.

Alright, here it goes! Starting my new blog. Huh. Not as exciting as I thought.

….Ok, let’s start over.

Hey guys! (I’m saying ‘guys’ as if I believe someone besides my close friends and family will ever read this). My name is Shanee and I just recently got engaged. My fiancé and I just decided on a wedding date(s), and I am STOKED. We are going to have two weddings- one in the US and one in Israel (where I’m from), and I mean, what’s better than having TWO days when everything is about you and how pretty you are?

BBUUUUUTTT at the same time I’m thinking “damn, I really shouldn’t have had those three and a half donuts today”. So I thought that if I go completely ‘basic’, make a new years resolution of “new year new me”, go to the gym and stop eating nothing but sugar and document it to the world to see (who am I kidding), I might feel like I owe something to all you people I don’t know and perhaps will think twice before I go on my next donut binge.

So, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to write about. Maybe my wedding planning? Fitness routine? How I hope to fit into an amazingly stupendous wedding dress that no matter what cut it will be my dad will think it has too much boobage? What I eat? Who knows. I’ll figure it out.

I think my first step is to actually find out how to open a blog. Yup. That’s right. I am currently writing this post, 12/21/2018, on Word. I wonder how long it’ll take until this will actually appear on a blog. I bet against myself saying another 10 days- a combo of fear of technology, laziness, and being cheap not wanting to pay a fee while at the same time buying worthless shit I don’t need from Amazon.

Lets all find out together!

Later losers,


(NOT) Bridezilla.

P.S – It is now 01/05. I only now am publishing this… so… a total of… 16 days. Ugh. I am THAT lazy.

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