Lets All Put Salads On Our Faces.

So Yesterday I had the wonderful and embarrassing experience that women seem to love so much- going to Sephora. I’m not kidding or exaggerating, this is how it went:

Me: “Hi! I came here without makeup today so you can see how dry my skin is. I am looking for umm.. well I already have that thingy that goes on your face first..-“

Sephora elite: “Do you mean a sponge?”

Me: “No.. why would I mean a sponge… that liquidy thing”

Sephora elite: “Oh. Foundation.”

Me: “Yeah sure. I like it though. I wanted to look into maybe skin care or like a primer”

Sephora elite: “What kind of foundation do you use?”

Me: “Ummm… well I think its the one that.. oh crap I cant remember…” ANNNDDDD then we just have multiple moments of silence while she looks at me as if I am the dumbest person in the world.

Oh but dont get me wrong, it was great! I bought $55 worth of different eyeliner since I couldnt decide which one I want (this will come with NO surprise to my close friends and family) and I got samples of these ridiculously expensive creams and oils for my face that were so so small. Kind of reminded me in a way of those super expensive restaurants with TINY good for nothing plates of food that just make you want to say when youre done “well that was fun… want to go out for dinner now?”

But then it hit me. I dont necessarily need to buy THOSE pretentious products that are made of KALE (why? why on earth would that be a good thing for my skin?) some kind of Goji Berry extract and other words products that honestly made it sound as if she is describing a salad. But I do need to take care of myself. I recently started taking care of my hair since it is absolutely FRIED. Between Biotin pills, Biotin shampoo, Argan oil mask, Argan oil serum and this other stay in cream thingy… my hair is 100000 times better!!!!

I am also taking care of my body, trying to eat healthy again and starting a new gym routine.. why not my face as well? I love my face. Honestly. I do. I SHOULD take care of it, the same way I take care of every other piece of my exterior self (my interior needs some work too… I get a “little” bitchy when I’m hungry. My mom carries snacks in the purse whenever we go out just in case. Not even kidding).

Soooooo yeah. Thats my bit for today. Wedding bells are a coming and I DO NOT want to be one of those people who look back at their wedding photos and almost make it a family joke. Although I will probably do something so stupid and clumsy at my own wedding that it probably WILL end up being a family joke.

Alright I’ve been talking for too long.

Later losers!



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