Heroic Dress Shopping

Hello all! It has been a while since I have updated, but there was a looot going on! Im thinking we should start with the good news…

Good news #1: I GOT A WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!! last Saturday my Aunt- Debbie, Natalie and I went to a wedding show here in Seattle. And let me tell you something guys- The amount of free cake sampling that went on there… is stuff only dreams are made of. I mean- ENDLESS of cake/cupcake samples. And not just that! Hawaiian BBQ, taco station, Poke station, gelato, ice cream, just endless food!!! it was wonderful.

I tried on several wedding dresses and they were.. good, but not great. Then I tried on one that was just, close to perfect (and not only because IT HAS POCKETS !!!!) But then I thought- there will be so many other dresses along the line, I might find something better (even though this was a sample sale and the prices were greatly dropped).

The next day I woke up feeling sad. I thought- I really like that dress. I should have got it. So naturally I overthink everything and let thoughts spiral in my mind until I can no longer function as an active member of society, and called up the one person who can handle my spiraling- my beloved Mom.

After I showed her pictures of the dress from endless angles, she almost yelled at me saying “WHEN YOU FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE YOU BUY IT!!!!!! till this day I get furious at your Dad since he said the same thing to me, but instead of a wedding dress it was a perfect leather bag from a small bumblefuck town in Italy! and now its gone forever!! CHASE THAT DRESS!!!!” well I might have overdone the last part but that’s how I choose to remember her heroic speech.

So I called up the wedding dress store place, and basically begged them on the phone to sell it to me in the price it was yesterday at the sample sale (marked down from $4500 to $1050!!!!!!!!!!) And surprisingly… they were kind enough to do so if I come THAT day and buy it THAT day. So naturally, I called my mom again ‘cuz as a soon to be 28 year old adult, I still cant make decisions on my own. I marched up to my manager and said “YOU MUST RELEASE ME FROM WORK. A DRESS IN DISTRESS IS IN NEED AND I NEED TO GO BUY IT. also I will work from home please please please pleaseeeeeeeee”. And I cant believe that worked- BUT HE LET ME GO. noon. on a Monday. I love my job.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to heroically buy your wedding dress.

Till next time,


(NOT) Bridezilla.

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