Brain Farts and Wedding cakes.

So I just realized that last post I wrote “Good News #1” but then never went to #2, WHOOPS! So here we go…

#2 – WE BOOKED BOTH VENUES FOR FLORIDA AND ISRAEL WEDDINGS! woohhoo! We booked the Zoo in FL, and let me just tell you, I cannot be more excited thinking of the baby animals that will be with me during the ceremony and reception (most DEF will have to look out for them pooping or something on my dress, I do have to wear it again a week later).

We also got a caterer, so we got that out of the way. However, we are not doing a wedding cake. I am a baker, and so is my mother- who is baking my wedding cake for the Israel wedding, so I refuse to pay hundreds of $$$ to get a wedding cake. So I was thinking of an alternative I could either bring with me to FL or easily make the day before the wedding (only about 50 people invited). Cupcakes? Cake-pops? Truffles? Cookie bar? any suggestions will be HAPPILY accepted.

For Israel, we booked Andromeda-House which is this beautiful old house that overlooks the ocean with a phenomenal view to Tel-Aviv, so we decided to go with a “sunset-at-the-beach” style wedding. YEY! Another perk, is that since we are doing it on a Saturday… NO KOSHER FOODDD I can serve whatevverrrrrr I want! Phew.

Well, that’s all I got for you for today.

Later losers,


(NOT) Bridezilla.

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